Early Days


Well, now that you know that we've decided to take the plunge, we thought we ought to start our album at the beginning.

So here's me attempting suicide at Shimazu's bungee tower in Tokyo.



Early Days

1st. Apt.



Yoko - Fuk





S. Kyushu


UK 1998



Kites & Balloons

99 Islands

Sue / Japan

UK 2000

N. Japan




And Meg around the same time (1994?) in front of Tokyo station on her way to Ryogoku to enjoy the first thing we found we had in common: an interest in Sumo.

Note that Meg is behaving rather sensibly.


Just next to the Sumo arena in Ryogoku is the Edo Museum.

In front of that is a statue of Ieyasu Tokugawa placed upon a plinth shaped like a turtle, which was made by a certain Mr. Kitahara.

More of him later.

Meanwhile Meg is starting to get silly.


Distinctly silly now.

This time in a park near Futamatagawa in Yokohama.


There is no hope for her now.

This time caught at the then newly completed Shinko Park on the almost as new reclaimed land of Minato Mirai 21.


First serious date.

But still managing to be silly.

100kms East of Yokohama at the sulphurous hot springs of Hakone


No, the mountain has not been added using Photoshop.

Mount Fuji manages to look artificial all by itself.

Turn this picture sepia, and we'd look like a couple from the '50s.