That same summer, Meg and I found time to drive out to Nagatoro with a couple of Canadians, Todd and Robyn, for some mild white water kayaking.

The log house at right was built by hand by ex-Olympic kayaker Ms. Mayumi Tano.

She even but a kerosene heated outdoor bath on the sundeck.



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Kayaking suited Meg more that kayaking wear suited her.


Closer to home, less than 50kms from Yokohama, is the Tanzawa mountain range. Here the van is stopped half way though a tunnel hewn out of stone. Not many people used to pass this way, now none pass at all as the road is blocked.


The hairy drive into the mountains was worth it though for the secluded lagoons along the river, not to mention temperatures 10 degrees lower than Tokyo.


This particular lagoon wasn't quite deep enough for my liking.


But if you look carefully, you'll see that an hour's work actually increased its depth from 190 cms to 200cms!


But no matter how deep it was, it was idyllic, and you rarely find rivers as clear as this so close to Tokyo.


The following year we returned with reinforcements.

When gatherung firewood, Danny the S. African tended to return with whole trees.


In return for letting Doug (camper extrodinaire) know about Tanzawa he took us down to Shikinejima (one of the Tokyo 7 Islands - earthquake central) the following Goldenweek.


This is the only shot I have of the trip, largely due to the Typhoon which sprung up the night before this pic. was taken. Judd (far left) and Steve (2nd. from right) had the pleasure of sleeping in a flooded tent, so elected to hike across the island to the port as soon as the typhoon passed, only to discover that the ferry was not coming - due to the typhoon (DUH!) - and had to lope all the way back.

Happy days.